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Filmögon – Filmmanuset som “en struktur som vill vara en annan struktur”

Filmögon is a publisher and a magazine for moving images and film.

Thanks to the C.M. Lerici Foundation literary grant, Filmögon recently published the essay Filmmanuset som “en struktur som vill vara en annan struktur”, translated into Swedish by Emma Hatt.

The book celebrates the 100th anniversary of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s birth, one of the most important Italian poets, writers, and directors.

Filmögon wants to emphasize Pasolini’s importance as an essayist and highlight his analysis of the film script as its own literary form. In the essay, Pasolini gives the film script a special status, considering it as a form on its own terms, and also “an independent technique, a complete work that is perfect in itself”. The essay clearly shows Pasolini’s polymathic thinking and his language, literature, and film’s investigation.


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