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Next call for applications coming in September 2024

What is the scholarship for?

The course scholarship is for students and researchers at academic institutions to take courses in Italy or Sweden and establish links between the two countries. Examples would include language courses, summer courses, or non-regular courses. Courses financed by other scholarships, e.g. Erasmus Mundus, are not eligible.

The minimum duration of the visit is 2 weeks while the maximum duration that the scholarship may cover is 12 weeks (even if the trip itself is longer).​

The departure date should generally be no earlier than two months after the deadline. Courses that have already started are not eligible.

Who can apply?

Students and employees at an academic institution in Italy or Sweden may apply for trips to Sweden or Italy respectively. 

The applicant is required to be between 18 and 39 years old on January 1 of the year of the submission deadline. 

Priority is given to applicants who have not received a scholarship from the Foundation in the previous two years. ​


What is the scholarship amount?

The amount is calculated solely based on the duration of stay as 8,000 SEK plus 3,500 SEK per week:​


2 weeks            15,000 SEK

3 weeks            18,500 SEK

4 weeks            22,000 SEK

5 weeks            25,500 SEK

6 weeks            29,000 SEK

7 weeks            32,500 SEK

8 weeks            36,000 SEK

9 weeks            39,500 SEK

10 weeks          43,000 SEK

11 weeks          46,500 SEK

12+ weeks         50,000 SEK​

The scholarship is intended to cover travel, accommodation, and food expenses.​

How do I apply?

Before you apply you need the following documents (which can be attached as PDF files, all in English):

•    A proof of acceptance to the course (if already available, otherwise the proof must be submitted before the scholarship is paid out). 

•    A motivation letter from the applicant describing the purpose and benefits of taking the course.

•    The applicant's curriculum vitae


You will also need to prepare to answer the following questions about the course:

•    Brief summary (max 200 characters)

•    Course contents (max 1500 characters): What are you going to study? 

•    Course activities (max 1500 characters): What will you do during the course?


You submit your application through the web-based application by clicking the link on top of the page (the application form will open in a new window and will require registration).

The call is open every year in September-October.

How is my application evaluated?

Applications are examined by a committee consisting of the representatives from the Italian Cultural Institute, Swedish Institute, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, Stockholm School of Economics, and Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts. We ask you to indicate the general scientific field of the course so that we could match your application with the evaluator having most relevant expertise.

The following criteria are used:

  • Scholarly value captures the overall academic quality of the course

  • Exchange value captures the potential of the trip to generate new ties between Italy and Sweden 

  • Feasibility captures the correspondence between the course and the applicant’s qualifications


What happens after I apply?

After you have submitted the application we will send to you a notification that it has been received.

Decisions for each application are made in December each year. Applicants are notified of the decision before the end of the year.


What happens if I am awarded a scholarship?

You will receive a letter with the details of the next steps to take. This usually means that at some point before your travel (not earlier than three months before departure and not before you provide a proof of acceptance) you can send us a request to pay the scholarship and provide the bank details. We typically administer payments within a week from receiving the request.


Within three months from the end of your trip we ask you to send us a proof that the course was completed and a one-page free-form report detailing your experience during the trip.

The scholarship is withdrawn if not claimed within 24 months of the decision date. Failure to send the proof of course completion or the final report after the scholarship has been paid would result in a requirement for you to pay back the scholarship.

By accepting the scholarship the applicant also authorises the publication of their name in the list of beneficiaries as well as the publication of the report (complete or partial) on the Foundation's website.

Course Scholarships

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